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class Radar
 include Mongoid::Document
 after_save :post_on_facebook


 def post_on_facebook
  if self.user.settings.post_facebook


class FacebookJob < Struct.new(:user,:body,:url,:title)
  include SocialPluginsHelper

  def perform
    facebook_client(user).publish_feed('', :message => body, :link => url, :name => title)

I want execute post_on_facebook method at specific date. I store this date at "active_from" field.

Code above is working and job is executed at correct date.

But in some cases I first create Radar object and send some job to Delayed Job queue. After that I update this object and send another job to Delayed Job.

This is wrong behavior because I wan't execute job only once at correct time. In this implementation I will have 2 jobs which will be executed. How I can delete previous job so only updated one will be executed ?

Rails 3.0.7
Delayed Job => 2.1.4 https://github.com/collectiveidea/delayed_job

ps: sorry for my english I try do my best

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Sounds like you want to de-queue any jobs if a radar object gets updated and re-queue.

Delayed::Job.enqueue should return a Delayed::Job record, so you can grab the ID off of that and save it back onto the Radar record (create a field for it on radar document) so you can find it again later easily.

You should change it to a before_save so you don't enter an infinite loop of saving.

before_save :post_on_facebook

def post_on_facebook
  if self.user.settings.post_facebook && self.valid?

    # delete existing delayed_job if present
    Delayed::Job.find(self.delayed_job_id).destroy if self.delayed_job_id

    # enqueue job
    dj = Delayed::Job.enqueue(

    # save id of delayed job on radar record
    self.delayed_job_id = dj.id

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@Unixmonkey... what if the job is being created in the after_save callback. –  Rohit Dec 16 '11 at 6:38
@Rohit the after_save will run this method, and the delayed_job_id will not get set on the record (because you can't call save in an after_save without it entering an infinite loop) –  Unixmonkey Dec 19 '11 at 17:52

did you try storing the id from the delayed job and then store it for possible deletion: e.g

job_id = Delayed::Job.enqueue(::FacebookJob.new(self.user,self.body,url,self.title),0,self.active_from)
job = Delayed::Job.find(job_id)
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interestingly, if Delayed::Worker.delay_jobs = false, this will break as it looks like the enqueue operation just runs the job, never saving it through to the database –  Kevin Davis Jan 23 '12 at 9:47

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