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I have a silverlight app hosted in CRM 2011 online. I have functionality where I am updating a phone call and display two fields in a small form. I have the requirement to mark as complete but I seem to be failing here.

I have:

phoneCall.StateCode.Value = 1;

phoneCall.Subject = activity.Subject;
phoneCall.Description = activity.Description;

_context.BeginSaveChanges(OnChangesSaved, phoneCall);

The subject works and saves as well as the description but the statecode does not. StateCode is not null this is an existing object and it's currently set to 0 (open). The save does not affect the StateCode. I have this in a try-catch and no error is being reported.

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The status of a record cannot be changed with an Update message. In order to change the statecode or status code, you have to issue a SetStateRequest.

var setStateRequest = new SetStateRequest
  EntityMoniker = new EntityReference({LogicalName}, {Id}),
  State = new OptionSetValue(1),
  Status = new OptionSetValue(1)



The REST endpoint has some limitations.

The REST endpoint provides an alternative to the WCF SOAP endpoint, but there are currently some limitations.

  • Only Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete actions can be performed on entity records Messages that require the Execute method cannot be performed.

This means for you: you cannot alter the state with the REST endpoint. You have to use the WCF SOAP endpoint for this task.

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The SetStateRequest is used in the SDK I am using the REST service in a silverlight app hosted on CRM 2011 Online. SetStateRequest does not exist in that service. –  Jonathan Kaufman May 18 '11 at 18:46
@Jonathan see my update. –  ccellar May 19 '11 at 7:24

You can add an OrganizationService to your project as described in this MSDN article.

After that, you can use the OrganizationRequest to change the state. It's not as easy, but it's possible.

I'll write a complete code sample later if I have the time. ;) But for the time being this should get you started.

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