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Data sample

  "Subject": "New thread"
  "Messages": [
      "DateSent": "Mon, 16 May 2011 14:34:17 GMT -04:00",
      "DateSent": "Mon, 16 May 2011 14:59:57 GMT -04:00",
  "Participants": [
      "UserId": 2,
      "LastReadMessageIndex": 0,
      "UserId": 1,
      "LastReadMessageIndex": 1

A thread contains a list of messages and a list of participants. When a participant views a thread, the LastReadMessageIndex gets updated to the length of the Messages.

I want to retrieve the number of threads where there are unread messages for a given participant. I can use the $where operation within my list of participant like this:

db.MessageThreads.find( {Participants: {$elemMatch: { UserId: 2, $where: {this.LastReadMessageIndex) < this.**parent**.Messages.length}}} }).count();

Is it possible to access the parent object?

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I think the problem you're having here is that you're pairing $elemMatch and $where. In the context of $where, the value of this should be the document itself. However, it looks like you're saying that this is a sub-document.

Here's some sample code that does what you want:

unread = function () {
    for (var i in this.Participants) {
        if (this.Participants[i].UserId == 2 &&
            this.Participants[i].LastReadMessageIndex < this.Messages.length) {
                return true;
    return false;


The only problem here is that I have hard-coded the UserId to 2. If you're planning to call this from one of the client drivers, you'll have to inject that 2 in the right spot.

If it seems a little "hacky", it is. You're trying to compare sub-documents within a single document and MongoDB is not great at this and your document structure does not make this easy.

You may want to consider:

"Participants": {
  "2": { "LastReadMessageIndex": 0 },
  "1": { "LastReadMessageIndex": 1 }

This changes won't solve the problem entirely, but it does make they query a lot easier:

unread = function() { 
  return (this.Participants['2'].LastReadMessageIndex < 

If this is an important query, you may want to consider building a Map / Reduce for this process instead.

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Thanks. You're right, changing the structure makes sense and is cleaner. –  Dan May 17 '11 at 14:18

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