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Python 2.7, Cherrypy 3.2.0, Windows XP SP3.

Cherrypy app works fine using quickstart when binding to port 8080, however any attempt to bind to actual IP results in

File "C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\cherrypy\wsgiserver__init__.py", line 175 3, in start raise socket.error(msg) error: No socket could be created

... which I assume is related to XP not allowing one to bind to raw sockets.

I have been able to get a socket when running as a service, but debugging a service is not pleasant.

I'm coming from a unix environment, so be gentle. /rimshot

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Windows discovery #1: XP Service Pack 2 apparently ceased to allow binding to raw sockets as a "hacker avoidance" something-or-other. So, to successfully bind to a socket one must use python win32 utils and cherrypy to create a windows service, which turned out to be pretty much cake!

An excellent, work-on-the-first-or-second-try howto is found at http://tools.cherrypy.org/wiki/WindowsService. I have found that this particular windows service was about as hard to debug as a unix daemon ... therefore understand how cherrypy's logging works!

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