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I'm using xml-mapping in Ruby (on Sinatra) for some XML stuff. Generally I follow this tutorial: I can create objects and write them to XML strings using


But when I try

login = Login.load_from_xml(xml_string)

I get the following error:

XML::MappingError - no value, and no default value: Attribute username not set (XXPathError: path not found: username):

Here is the XML string I receive:


This is what the class looks like:

class Login
  include XML::Mapping

  text_node :username, "username"
  text_node :password, "password"

So the class name is the same, the nodes are named the same. I actually get the exact same string when I create an instance of my object and fill it with ali/baba:

test =
test.username = "ali"
test.password = "baba"
p test.save_to_xml.to_s


What am I missing?

Thanks, MrB


When I do

test = login.save_to_xml

And then

login = Login.load_from_xml(test)

it works. So the problem seems to be that I'm passing a string, while the method is expecting.. well, something else. There is definitely a load_from_xml(string) method in the rubydocs, so not sure what to pass here. I guess I need some kind of reverse to_s?

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It looks like you save_to_xml creates a REXML::Element. Since that works, you may want to try:


See the section on "choice_node" for a more detailed example

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Wow! It works great. Thank you very much! – MrB May 17 '11 at 18:23

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