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This is part of a homework assignment. What we have to do is write a makefile to compile previous homework solutions. The solutions were provided by the professor, and they're what will be used to test our makefiles. One of the files has an #include "quicksort.c".

I know the usage of something like that is discouraged, but that doesn't really help me :)

What would be the best approach to getting the two files to compile (the file quicksortTest.c, which includes quicksort.c, and quicksort.c itself)?

What I currently have as part of my makefile is the following:

    quicksort: quicksort.c quicksortTest.c
               $(CC) quicksortTest.c quicksort.c -o quicksortTest

Where quicksortTest.c has the #include "quicksort.c".

When I try it, I get several gcc compiler errors... ideas?

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Don't pass quicksort.c to gcc. Since you are including the file you should not compile it seperately:

quicksort: quicksort.c quicksortTest.c
       $(CC) quicksortTest.c -o quicksortTest
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Thanks much, that did the trick. –  littleghost76 May 16 '11 at 21:18

Do it like this

quicksort: quicksort.c quicksortTest.c
           $(CC) quicksortTest.c -o quicksortTest

Consider giving your teacher a C book.

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For testing code, it can be sensible to #include C source in order to gain access to the internals of the source from the test harness. Otherwise, you usually don't include C source files, you're right. It is tempting to give the teacher a C book; it might not be politic, though. –  Jonathan Leffler May 16 '11 at 21:08

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