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I have two tables sturctured like so:

Posts Table

Meta Table

The posts table is the main parent that can have data from the meta table joined with it

Post Table
id   content
1    My first row

Meta Table
id   post_id  content   name
4    1        2011-5-5    date
5    1        My Heading  heading
6    2        2012-3-3    date
7    2        My Title    heading

How would I write a query to search for an entry in the posts table that contains meta data content of 2011-5-5 with a name of date and My Heading with a name of heading

I can get them individually

Select *
from posts, meta
WHERE post_id = posts.id
   AND (name='date' AND content='2011-5-5')

But as soon as I add a second criteria, it returns zero results, becuase we are asking the name field to be two different things

Select *
from posts, meta
WHERE post_id = posts.id
   AND (name='date' AND content='2011-5-5') 
   AND (name='heading' AND content='My Heading')

Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

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You'll need to join to the table twice:

FROM posts, meta m1, meta m2
WHERE posts.id=m1.post_id
AND posts.id=m2.post_id
AND m1.name="date" AND m1.content="2011-5-5"
AND m2.name="heading" AND m2.content="My Heading"
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Thanks for the help :), let me give it a try real quick –  Tom May 16 '11 at 22:11
Yep, that works great, thanks so much! –  Tom May 16 '11 at 22:15

You need to join to the meta table twice (once for each search) - like this:

Select * 
from posts p 
 join meta m_date on m_date.post_id = p.id AND m_date.name='date'
 join meta m_heading on m_heading.post_id = p.id AND m_heading.name='heading'
 m_date.content = '2011-5-5' and
 m_heading.content = 'My Heading'
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Have you tried this:

Select *
from posts, meta, meta meta_2
WHERE (meta.post_id = posts.id
      and meta_2.post_id = posts.id)
   AND ((meta.name='date' AND meta.content='2011-5-5') 
       and (meta_2.name='heading' AND meta_2.content='My Heading'))

Since there are two different meta records that you want to associate with a single post record, you have to select from meta twice (once for the 'date' meta-value and once for the 'heading' meta-value).

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