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I have a checkout page that has three fieldsets: fieldset id="1", fieldset id="2", fieldset id="3". When the page loads, I need it to hide fieldsets 2 and 3 and only show fieldset 1. This is what my jquery looks like:


When I load the page I can see fieldset 1 and fieldset 2. If I refresh the page, it looks perfect, but upon first load, it's weird. Any suggestions?

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a link please :), and can you add it to jsfiddle? –  SnippetSpace May 16 '11 at 22:29
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First thing you need to do is properly name your ID's. ID's can't start with a number.

If you change the name to set_1 you can do the initial hide with CSS.

#set_2, #set_3, #set_4 { display:none; }

No JS needed.

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Notwithstanding other issues, your IDs are invalid, which will always cause unpredictable results. Ids MUST begin with a letter.

Beyond that, it is difficult to answer your question without further insight into the code.

  $("#el_2, #el_3, #el_4").hide(); 

Should all be valid jQuery, assuming that there is no ID collision (you can only use an ID once per page).

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