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I've just started to develop games on Android. My first game is a 2D game and I'm wondering whether I should use OpenGL or not.

Does anyone have some advice on this?

Thanks a lot, Viet

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Thank you all for your quick and helpful replies. I'll go with OpenGL then :) – Viet May 18 '11 at 0:09

I recommend you not to use OpenGL directly as it may seem difficult. Instead you can use a library like LIBGDX which provides easier functionality.

Check this tutorial:

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OpenGL ES all the way! There are some good videos from last years IO on android game dev and the frame rates you can achieve going opengl vs canvas.

Also there are a handful of great 2d frameworks to simplify the process, the best in my opinion being AndEngine

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As far as I know OpenGL ES will give better performance (especially on Tegra 2 devices). OpenGL ES is also harder to learn, but there are good tutorials and support libraries.

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You will want to use OpenGL ES if you want anything close to a respectable frame rate. OpenGL ES is hardware accelerated (uses the GPU), while other libraries mostly use the CPU.

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