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I must be in the habit of leaving the mini-buffer in the middle of a command. From there I will change buffers and continue working. Later (sometimes much later) I'll notice that I had a command dangling incomplete in the mini-buffer. If I go to cancel it with a C-g, Emacs will often swap buffers in my open windows to an earlier state.

I suppose this may be a feature, but in my flow of work I find it rather annoying. Is there a way to stop this behavior or prevent it from happening, such as a warning that There is an incomplete command?

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I think that the answer to another question will help you solve this. It can be an annoying behavior, but the solution limits some of the flexibility found in Emacs.

The answer is: How can I prevent the mini-buffer from displaying previous commands in Emacs? (I call it stop-using-minibuffer).

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