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I have a div which collapses clicking on a text header. I want to change the header from "+ filters" to "- filters" accordingly (when the div is collapsed or expanded)

How can I perform this with jQuery:

if (headerDiv.text() starts with "+")
    replace "+" with "-" 
    replace "-" with "+"


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Never mind, I figured it out

if ($(header).text().trim().charAt(0) == "+")
    $(header).text($(header).text().replace("+", "-"));
    $(header).text($(header).text().replace("-", "+"));

If this is not the correct way, I'd appreciate a heads up

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I would do:

var plus_string = "<span class=/"plus/">+</span>";
var minus_string = "<span class=/"minus/">-</span>";

 } else (... the reverse of the above...)

This because i would use the class plus and minus to handle a bit of css to change the appearance of the header div. As you're probably already doing that, you can play a bit with it like this :)

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keep it simple, why do you need to parse it out? your just replacing one string with another.

if(headerDiv.text() == '+ filters')
    headerDiv.text() == '- filters';
elseif(headerDiv.text() == '- filters')
    headerDiv.text() == '+ filters';
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