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Is it possible to add to a SQLAlchemy relationship using ids rather than objects?

For example, consider two declarative SQLAlchemy classes, Review and Artist, with a relationship between them:

class Review(Base):
    artist_id = Column(Integer, ForeignKey('artist.id'))
    artist = relationship(Artist, backref=backref('reviews', order_by=id))
    # etc.

class Artist(Base):
    # etc.

With a list of review ids to add to an artist, I seem to need to look up the artist from the id, then add the artist object to the review, like this:

for review_id in review_ids:
    review = session.query(Review).filter(Review.id==review_id).first()

I'm sure it would be more efficient to skip the lookup and just add the ids, but is this possible?

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Your best bet is probably to compose an update expression against the backing tables. Otherwise, you can't really modify a Review without actually querying for it (and that's what your doing; you aren't actually modifying the Artist at all).

Assuming Review.id is the primary key, That would roughly be:

conn = session.connection()
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Brilliant, thanks. – Ollie Glass May 18 '11 at 9:09

I think if you want to stick with the pure ORM solution, you'll have to live with the somewhat inefficient querying pattern.

@TokenMacGuy has provided a good alternative. You could integrate that approach by adding add_reviews() to the Artist() class. This would augment the 'standard' orm api, so you could use either depending on the situation.

from sqlalchemy.orm.session import object_session

class Artist(Base):
    def add_reviews(self, review_ids):
        sess = object_session(self)
        if isinstance(review_ids, int): review_ids = [review_ids]

review_ids = [123, 556, 998, 667, 111]
review_id = 333
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I'm not sure if I understood. I guess you want something like this:

reviews = session.query(Review).filter(Review.id.in_(review_ids)).all()

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Actually that's what I'm doing! I wrote the code above to provide a simpler example. It's still looking up a Review objects for each insert, which I'm trying to avoid. Thanks for your suggestion though. – Ollie Glass May 17 '11 at 8:56

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