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My understanding (which may well be faulty) is that it is easy to set the OriginalFilename property for a C++ DLL or EXE by including a VERSIONINFO resource file in the Visual Studio build.

But I can't find any way of setting OriginalFilename for a C# build. It is apparently always set to the name of the output file being built.

I'd really like to be able to specify this if possible. Any ideas? Thanks.

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OK, no answers, and now I've found a workaround.

This article here at StackOverflow was very helpful: How do I set the version information for an existing .exe, .dll?

Which led me to this resource manipulation project written in C#: http://resourcelib.codeplex.com/

So what I'm going to do is to modify the DLLs after they've been built.

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