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I have 3 anchors with 3 divs The anchors are like that:

<a class="home sharedClass">home</a>

<a class="about sharedClass">about</a>

<a class="contact sharedClass">contact</a>

When I click one of them I get the contents of the corresponding div which its id is the same as the first class (home, about or contact)

I have a little jQuery code that has to select the right class But the result is an alert telling the name of theClass:


    var theClass = $(this).attr('class[0]');



The problem is that this function returns "undefined". How to fix this?


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what exactly are u trying to return?? –  DrStrangeLove May 16 '11 at 23:44

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Get the class attribute first.

var theClass= $(this).attr('class');

You'll have to break (explode/split) it

var split = theClass.split(' '); // this returns an array

Finally you could access the first class

var firstClass = split[0];
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Or just this.className.split(' ')[0];. –  RobG May 17 '11 at 2:51

The class attribute is not an array. It is a string, as are all attributes. Further, the attr function will be looking for an attribute on the element named class[0] which it will not find.

  var theClass = $(this).attr('class'),
      firstClass = (theClass || '').split(' ')[0]; // handle if no class attribute
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That's because the attribute class is just a string. You can explode it to an array and then access item 0.

theClass = $(this).attr('class').split(' ', 1)[0];
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why not just get the text then you don't even need the class



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