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I have a question about how servers communicate with each other and how it takes up bandwidth. I'll use an example to better explain my question.

I have two sites: and Each site resides on a separate server (with different IPs and on different machines). "www| is used mainly for handling front-end tasks such as serving up different web pages. "resources" stores a whole bunch of video files and is meant to only serve up large video files.

Assume that I code it correctly so only "www" can be accessed by the public and "resources" can only be accessed by calling scripts on "www". Will large bandwidths of "www" be taken up if users retrieve videos on "resources" through like this:

and in getVideo.php, I have something like this:

header("Content-Type..."); // I didn't fill in details for this line
header("Content-disposition..."); // I didn't fill in details for this line
header("COntent-description..."); // I didn't fill in details for this line

Thanks in advance!

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You should loko into creating a Proxy on your www machine. mod_proxy, if you're on apache. And yes your www-machine will use as much bandwidth to the outside as if it was hosting it itself. That is also the case with a proxy solution. – Captain Giraffe May 17 '11 at 0:37
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Yes, because as the process is now, you're doing this:

  1. www connects to resources
  2. www downloads video from resources
  3. www streams video to user

Meaning you're doubling your work. The script that puts out the video files should be on and use your header calls plus readfile using the path to the video file. An example would be:


so it doesn't have to make a connection to itself.

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Thanks for the tip, so this means that I cannot hide "resources" from the user then? My thinking is that to execute the script you mentioned on "resources", I have to somehow get "www" to redirect the user to "resources" without using readfile on "www". Am I correct? Thanks again @onteria_. – JoJoeDad May 17 '11 at 3:16
While resources would still be visible, you can still implement session based control. This will require a modification of your php.ini file There might be an option with mod_rewrite, but that would require a bit more research. – onteria_ May 17 '11 at 3:19

Yes, it will use the bandwidth needed by the video once on resources and once again on www

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The fun thing is this will use twice the bandwidth on www -- once to retrieve the file from resources and once to send the data to the client -- and once on resources. Many data centers charge less (or nothing) for internal data traffic, so it might not be a big deal.

If you like restricting access to resources to come from www and only from www, then it might even be worth the triple-bandwidth costs to get a file from resources to www and then again from www to the client.

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