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I have a class with a property that is an array:

  class NewObject {
    public $Props = array();

  $obj = new NewObject();

  $obj->Props[0] = 'a';
  $obj->Props[1] = 'b';

Now I want to change the values of Props, not directly, but with a variable 'propertyname': This DOES work for single string properties but not for arrays, because the key N is interpreted as the Nth letter of the STRING 'Props' instead of the Nth value in the array!

  $propertyname = 'Props';

  $obj->$propertyname[0] ='c';   //doesnt work as expected, it tries to set $obj->P now, it seems
  $obj->$propertyname[1] ='d';

Any way to solve this ?

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$obj->{$propertyname}[0] ='c';
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Thanx...I knew about the accolade thing but only in double-quoted strings in which you want to use a variable... never seen it like this before... –  Dylan May 17 '11 at 1:09

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