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I have a model: ThreadParticipation

I want to build a link that send the ThreadParticipation.id and a param hide == true.

How can I build a link that does this?

ThreadParticipation Controller:

def hide
  @record = ThreadParticipation.find(params[:id)
  @record.hide == params[:hide]


<%= link_to "hide", '/thread/:id/thread_participations/:id/hide', :remote => true %>

Does that look right? How do I pass a param a long with the link_to (hide == true) ? Any ideas?


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You could try this

<%= link_to "hide", "/thread/#{thread_id}/thread_participations/#{id}/hide?hide=true", :remote => true %>

Or better still, define a route to get the /thread/:thread_id/thread_participation/:id part. Lets say the route is hide_thead_pariticipation_thread_path

<%= link_to "hide", hide_thread_participation_path(thread_id,:hide => true), :remote => true %>

Also your controller code seems to be using "@record.hide == params[:hide]". Maybe its just a = there?

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