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Can I compile f90 files with an f95 compiler? If not, are there any good free f90 compilers? There seems to be a lot for f95 but not f90.

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www-eio.upc.es/lceio/manuals/Fortran95-Manual.pdf says that Fortran 95 deleted some "obsolescent features" from Fortran 90. –  Anschel Schaffer-Cohen May 17 '11 at 2:45
What Anschel said. With very minor exceptions, which should cause you embarrasment if they apply to your code, F95 is a superset of F90. –  Jonathan Dursi May 17 '11 at 3:03
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This one can:

NAGWare f95 Compiler Release 5.1

See also:

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Thank you to the 'revenge' downvoter (to such an old answer). You made my day. –  Mitch Wheat May 5 at 5:17
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Yes, you can compile Fortran 90 programs with a Fortran 95 compiler. Actually, most of the compilers out there are now largely but not totally compliant with Fortran 2003. Unless you have unusual requirements, you are better off with a Fortran 95/2003/2008 compiler rather than a Fortran 90 only one. Fortran 95 is somewhat of a "bug fix" to Fortran 90 ... it was a modest update based upon the experience with actually using Fortran 90, which was a huge change from Fortran 77. For example, it is easier to have memory leaks in Fortran 90 ... in Fortran 95 local allocatable variables must be automatically deallocated upon exit from a subroutine so the programmer doesn't have to explicitly do the deallocation. In Fortran 90, if the deallocation wasn't explicitly coded, a memory leak was allowed to occur.

For a free compiler, recent versions of gfortran are quite good.

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