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Integrating the google checkout response into simplexml so i can pull the data and save it, but for the annoying reasons can't seem to pull the data out.

Trying to get the item names Bridges: Liquids and Gases, Bridges: Habitats of Australia

SimpleXML = http://pastie.org/private/qtmbsgtinv7x5g6ikrzq

$xml = new \SimpleXMLElement($raw_xml);
   $book = $xml->xpath('//item-name');
   while(list( , $node) = each($book)) {
    echo 'Book: ',$node,"\n";

I've tried different approaches

$book = $xml->xpath('/authorization-amount-notification/order-summary/shopping-cart/items/item/item-name');
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The link you provided is not xml, but it looks something like json. Are you trying to query xpath on json?? –  empo May 17 '11 at 10:42

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Look at the Google Checkout PHP client library source code for more ideas, in particular at the XML parser:


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