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I'm looking for a simple way for Android, when a user taps a in a edit text box, it will add a hyphen inbetween the number set. Sort of like a phone number, but will be set in a custom position.

For example Book number 05, CD number 15, track number5 = 0515-5. So when they start typing, the app will automatically enter the hyphen.

Should I use some type of listener and count how many characters are entered, then when it hits that number of characters, it will add the hyphen?


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Use an InputFilter.

See my answers here: press "." many times (validate ip address in EditText while typing) and here: How to set Edittext view allow only two numeric values and two decimal values like ##.## for ideas on how to implement it

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This helped me out tremendously! Thank you! –  Anthony Honciano May 29 '11 at 23:58

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