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Suppose I have a JTextfield . How does only this JTextfield implement an MVC architecture?

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possible duplicate of What is the controller in Java Swing? – Harry Joy May 17 '11 at 4:18
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All Java Swing components use MVC though its not always clear from the api. For each component there is a Controller, Model and View. JTextField, JButton, etc.. are all the Controllers. They also all support a getModel() which contains the state of the component. A lot of swing API pollute the controller api with convience methods so this is not always obvious. The text displayed in a JTextField is actually saved in the model. textField.getText() and textField.setText() are actually there for your convienence, what they really are doing is textField.getModel().getText() and textField.getModel().setText().

For the view there is a UI getComponentUI(). This is updated by propertyChanges fired from the Model. The ComponentUI is what lets different L&Fs be developed easily.

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I think the model used by a TextField is a Document, exposed by setDocument and getDocument – barjak May 18 '11 at 12:13

The Document is the Model.

Other than that a JTextField implements MVC the same as any other Swing component.

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