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There are multiple pages that have a scrolling image navigation. I would like to scroll the image ul within the #scrollbox div and disable the next and prev buttons so it can't keep advancing when there are no more nav items to see.

Simple markup, more li items...

<div id="scrollbox">
      <li><a href="#"><img src="" alt="" /></li>


//next click    
    if($('#scrollbox ul').attr('style').indexOf('left') > maxLeft){         
        $("#scrollbox ul").animate({'left': '-='+itemWidth}, 'slow');
    else {
        $("#scrollbox ul").animate({'left': '-='+itemWidth}, 'slow');

The animation is working properly. Each click doesn't seem to recheck the if statement though, if I test it as a var, it stays at 0 instead of detecting the new inline left position. How do I get the if condition to recheck each time .next is clicked?

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what are you trying to retrieve via $('#scrollbox ul').attr('style').indexOf('left')? Is it the ul's position? If so, I recommend using $('#scrollbox ul').offset().left or $('#scrollbox ul').position().left, because I'm not seeing your example to work because of that statement –  gion_13 May 17 '11 at 4:19
Consider going back and accepting any answers that solve your question. It's not a technical requirement, but it is a social one. For one thing, it lets everyone know that more answers aren't needed. It also rewards the answerer with reputation. When you get an answer that resolves your issue, it's best to wait two days before accepting in case a better one comes in. Don't worry about accepting answers for unresolved questions. –  outis May 18 '11 at 4:58

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