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I have been stuck at this for a while. I have a smartgwt widget listgrid tied to a restdatasource. I have mapped its URLs to my spring services. However I cannot figure out how to retrieve the JSON dsrequest on spring server side. Even my dispatcher servlet does not contain the params.

My restdatasource is as follows:

RestDataSource myDS = new RestDataSource() {  
                protected Object transformRequest(DSRequest dsRequest) {
                    JavaScriptObject jso = dsRequest.getData();
            String s1 = JSON.encode(jso);
            return s1;
//                  return super.transformRequest(dsRequest);  
                protected void transformResponse(DSResponse response, DSRequest request, Object data) {  
                    super.transformResponse(response, request, data);  

Then on this datasource set the operations as follows:

// set the operation on the datasource  
            OperationBinding fetch = new OperationBinding();  
            OperationBinding add = new OperationBinding();  
            OperationBinding update = new OperationBinding();  
            OperationBinding remove = new OperationBinding();  
            myDS.setOperationBindings(fetch, add, update, remove);
//          myDS.setDataProtocol(DSProtocol.POSTMESSAGE);

Set some fields in the datasource:

// set the values for the datasource
            DataSourceTextField Id = new DataSourceTextField("Id", "Id");
            DataSourceTextField name= new DataSourceTextField("name", "Name");
            DataSourceTextField employeeType= new DataSourceTextField("employeeType", "employeeType");
            employeeType.setValueMap("Manager", "Associate", "Contractor");

Set these fields to the datasource:

myDS.setFields(Id, name,employeeType);  

So in the case that the user changes the employeeType (because it's a dropdown), an update request is sent. I send the JSON string to the server configured as below:

public class MyService {
    @RequestMapping(value="/update", method=RequestMethod.POST)
    public String update()

I am failing to understand how to retrieve the (JSON) dsrequest because even my DispatcherServlet does not have the parameters (even if I use POSTPARAMS). The developer console shows the request made correctly but I don't receive anything on the server side. My spring servlet is configured as below in web.xml:

<load-on-startup>1</load-on-startup>    </servlet>

I think I am missing something obvious but I can't locate it. Do I use @PathVariable or RequestParams?

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if i use @RequestBody String i get a string like so. 0=%7B&1=%0D&2=%20&3=%20&4=%20&5=%20&6=%22&7=f&8=i&9=l&10=e&11=I&12=d&13=%22&14=‌​%3A&15=%22&16=0&17=%22&18=%2C . i expected a json string. –  sunny May 17 '11 at 5:13
I just changed the @Override of transformRequest back to super.transformRequest(dsRequest). i have a string now that i can work with and can move forward. –  sunny May 17 '11 at 5:20

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Found my own answer. Hope this helps someone.



protected Object transformRequest(DSRequest dsRequest) {
    JavaScriptObject jso = dsRequest.getData(); 
    String s1 = JSON.encode(jso); 
return s1; 
@RequestMapping(value="/update", method=RequestMethod.POST)
@ResponseBody public String update(@RequestBody String json) { }
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thanks, that helped me a lot to integrate spring3 mvc with SmartGwt Rest Datasource. –  yetanothercoder Oct 6 '11 at 9:46

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