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I have a RDLC report.

  • The page is 21cm wide with 1cm margins on both sides (which leaves us 19cm for contents).
  • The body of the report is 18.96cm wide
  • There is a line element inside the report with Location = (0cm; 0cm) and EndPoint = (18.95cm, 0cm) thus the length is 18.95cm. This is like a horizontal separator line inside the report.

So, as you see the body should be enough to contain the line (19cm > 18.96cm > 18.95cm). But when I go and display the report in the ReportViewer/PrintLayout control the line actually generates an additional page (because it grows wider for some reason). And this shows up on the actual printed document (if you print it out).

Just in case - the simple view in ReportViewer and the exported report both look fine, no additional pages present.

Please tell me - how does this happen and if there are any workarounds to get a good PrintLayout view inside the ReportViewer control? I do not care about the PrintLayout view itself, but I care about printing the document out, which uses the same PrintLayout.

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Yours is a strange scenario. Try giving a tolerance of 5mm (0.5cm) instead and let's see what happens.

In other words set the following

  • Body: 18.5cm
  • Line: Location = (0.25cm; 0cm) and End Point = (18.0cm; 0cm)

If that doesn't work, it probably means your page is taller than the size of paper you desire to print on.

A4 is 21cm x 29.7cm so make sure the height of your body is less than 29.7cm. If you have top and bottom margins, you'll have to subtract their values as well so the maximum height will be given as follows:

Max Height = 29.7 - (Top Margin Height + Bottom Margin Height + tolerance)

tolerance value should be approximately 0.5cm

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Actually, I found two problems - the 1st problem is that someone committed code to SVN that had hardcoded page margins in it (for the ReportViewer, but fixing that did not fix the problem completely) and the second is the problem that you talk about - for some reason I had to increase the tolerance and the whole thing stopped breaking. So thanks for pointing me to the right direction! – Jefim May 18 '11 at 5:44
Alright. Glad to be of help. – Alex Essilfie May 18 '11 at 10:58

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