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I have a model Product that is both used by a general controller products_controller and another one used for administration purposes products_controller in an /admin folder.

Because I wanted to create a form that will be sent via AJAX and depending on whether the product is there or not it will alter between a :create and an :update, I've decided to create a 3rd method that takes care of that; called insert.

def insert

The form tag I'm using for updating is:

<%= form_for(product, :url => admin_product_url(product), :remote => true, :layout => true) do |f| %>

So my question is how can I customize the form tag in order to call the insert action I tried:

<%= form_for(product, :url => admin_product_url(product), :action => :insert, :remote => true, :layout => true) do |f| %>


<%= form_for(product, :url => insert_admin_product_url(product), :remote => true, :layout => true) do |f| %>

so far with no luck.

I hope someone could show me the way to go. Thanks

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you should have to add below route in route file under the admin name space

match 'products/insert', :to =>'products#insert', :as => 'admin_products_insert'
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thank you sir ! – mabounassif May 17 '11 at 18:54

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