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In the Mate framework for flex. I'm trying to inject a UIComponent into a non UIComponent.

The reason is the UI component is a library component and it has methods that need to be invoked on it. I'm not able to remove the requirement to invoke the methods.

I've got something like this currently

<ObjectBuilder cache="global" generator="{DashboardController}" registerTarget="true"/>
<EventHandlers type="{DashboardEvent.DASHBOARD_CREATION_COMPLETE}">
    <PropertySetter generator="{DashboardController}" 
        sourceKey="target" />

And I'm receiving an error like this.

--------------------------------------------------------- MATE Error: Property type mismatch, turn on the debugger for more information Error was found in a EventHandlers list in file DashboardEventMap ---------------------------------------------------------

I've also tried using an object builder to set the property.

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I suppose the problem is your lastReturn type isn't compatible with DashboardController.dashboard field. Please recheck it.

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Oh the last return is an event dispatched by an instance of Dashboard which contains that instance as the "target" property. – Wes May 17 '11 at 7:07
Sorry I was wrong it was returning null under some circumstances. – Wes May 17 '11 at 7:22

Got it working. lastReturn was sometimes returning null even though it was in an eventHandling block.

I didn't realise that the event object was in scope here.

<EventHandlers type="{DashboardEvent.DASHBOARD_CREATION_COMPLETE}" debug="true">
    <PropertySetter generator="{DashboardController}" 
            source="{}" />
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