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I need to store the rdf schema in one table and rdf instance data in another table in ORACLE.

  1. How I can do this?
  2. How to configure the joseki-config.ttl to work for multiple models? Some example will help me to understand the solution.
  3. Is there any possibility to create a single model for multiple tables?

Please let me know.

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You need to use SDB with Joseki and Oracle. Then you can have a persistent datasets (a collection of models). There is an example of an SDB configuration in the Joseki download in joseki-config-sdb.ttl.

SDB controls the database table layout. A model is stored in the default graph name or in the named graphs table. There is no control for other layouts without changing the code of SDB.

Note that TDB, a custom database layer for Jena, scales better and is faster than using a relational database over JDBC. Fuseki is the new version of Joseki.

The Jena user mailing list is jena-users@incubator.apache.org.

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