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I am trying to locate all files on a linux server that fit this profile:


Where the first 10-15 characters are a-z, followed by [1-15], then .html.

How can I use locate (or any other method) to find all files that fit this profile?

The differences are basically the first 10-15 characters as they are made up of random alphabet characters.

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I don't quite get the "[1-15]" part of your description, but I think this would do. You can refine the .* part in the regex

locate -r '[a-z]\{10,15\}.*html'
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[a-z]\{10,15}\(\d\|1[0-5]\)\.html That is, 10 to 15 letters, followed by a number or followed by a '1' and one number from 0-5. –  Carlos Campderrós May 17 '11 at 9:06

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