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I work on the app with some calculate function. I have a UITextField where user enter a number and UILabel where is result. How can I display some text in second UILabel depending on the number in the first UILabel?


If number in *firstLabel less than 20, then display in *secondLabel: small

If number in *firstLabel from 20 to 30, then display in *secondLabel: normal

If number in *firstLabel greater than 40, then display in *secondLabel: big

I hope you understood what i mean. Thank you! Sorry for my english.

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you need to get the int value from your firstLabel, Which is stored as text, you could get it by using NSString intValue function.

Use the below

int intValueFromFirstLabel = [firstLabel.text intValue];

if(intValueFromFirstLabel < 20)
  secondLabel.text = @"small";
else if(intValueFromFirstLabel >= 20 && intValueFromFirstLabel <= 30)
  secondLabel.text = @"normal";
else if(intValueFromFirstLabel > 40)
  secondLabel.text = @"big";
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Thanks! That works for me! –  Pavel Kaljunen May 17 '11 at 16:18

You can use this Code

 lblFirst.text = txtField.text;
 int intValue = [lblFirst.text intValue];
 if (intValue < 20) {
    lblSecond.text = @"Small";
 } else if (intValue >= 20 && intValue <= 30) {
    lblSecond.text = @"Normal";
 } else if (intValue > 40) {
    lblSecond.text = @"Big";
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if([firstLabel.text intValue] <20)
    secondLabel .text=@"small";
else if(([firstLabel.text intValue] >=20) && ([firstLabel.text intValue] <=30) )
    secondLabel .text=@"normal";
else if([firstLabel.text intValue] >30)
    secondLabel .text=@"big";
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Why calling intValue in 4 places when you can do that once? Helps readability, and also easier to change in the future. –  Dan Abramov May 17 '11 at 9:15

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