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I'm new to Flash AS3. I started making a game and I am a bit confused. Let's assume that I want to create a game that has multiple levels/modes, how can I do this in an object orientated way?

When i create games in other languages e.g. XNA C#, i create a separate class then create an object of that class within the main class and run the game based on a simple statement.

if(player picks second option)

How can this be done is AS3? Are there any Tutorials I could read on, please? Thanks.

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You may create your levels and attach them onto the main scene dynamically

if(player picks second option)

In your objects you can link the initialization of the level when the event Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE is distpached.


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Hm, if I understood correctly your question, you should behave just as you used to in XNA C#: two instances(object1 and object2) of class Level and

if(player picks second option) object2.start_level else object1.start_level

If I understood you incorrectly feel free to reask and specify your question.

P.S.: you can read about how to create classes in AS3 here

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