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I am new to Jmeter, I want to see the Xpath Extractor generated results.
I have

 Reference Name : pt_idx
 Xpath query : //patientList/patient/idnetifierList/identifier/text()           
 Default Value : 0

Please clarify my doubts, can i use Xpath query generated results in Http Request?
Is those result will store in pt_idx variable?
Finally, where can i see the results?

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Yes, you can use it in an Http Request, I have previously used several XPath Extractors and been able to use them as variables in subsequent http request using the placeholder notation ${varname} (for you it would be ${pt_idx})

To verify the value of the variable, I could do it via the report by looking at the HTTP Request (as I used the variable to fill a request parameter).

Hope it helps.

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Finally, where can i see the results?

Add a Debug sampler by going to the thread group and right clicking Thread group -> add -> sampler -> debug sampler. The debug sampler will give the values that the XPath Extractor retrieves. Simple add a View Results Tree and select the debug sampler and view the Response data tab and the info should be all there.

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