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Table A
ID    EmpNo  Grade

1      100    HIGH

2      105    LOW

3      100    MEDIUM

4      100    LOW

5      105    LOW


select * from A where EMPNO =100 and rownum<=2 order by ID desc 

I tried this query to reterive max and max-1 value, here i need to compare the grade from max and max-1, if equals i need to set the flag as 'Y' or 'N'? without using cursor? also i dont want to scan the entire record twice? please help me?

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ROWNUM is applied before ORDER BY, so you need to nest the query like this:

select * from
(select * from A where EMPNO =100 order by ID desc)
where rownum<=2

That only performs one table scan (or it may use an index on EMPNO).

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how to decode here? i need to check the grade from rownum=1 and rownum=2, if equals i need 'Y' as o/p or 'N' – jcrshankar May 17 '11 at 9:50
select *
from (
select id, emp_no, grade
       , case 
          when lag(grade) over (order by emp_no desc) = grade 
          then 'Y' 
          else 'N'     
          as flag
      , dense_rank() over( order by emp_no desc)  as rank
from t
where rank <=2
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