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I have VS 2010 and a TFS 2010 server set up and it's all working fine. I've checked out files to my local hard drive.

I installed the TFS Power Tools to be able to get to TFS through context menu in Windows. If I right click in a TFS project on my hard drive I get all the icons and it works.

My question is that how do I get the TFS menu if I have no source code from TFS on my hard drive?

Regards, Magnus

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"how do I get the TFS menu if I have no source code from TFS on my hard drive?"

First, you need to define a workspace and map server (source control) paths to local directories. You can do this in either of two ways:

Once you've setup your workspace, you can right click any file or folder in your workspace you will find a Team Foundation Server option, expand it and you will see other version control options like checkout, check-in etc.

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