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I am using eclipse IDE.I need to modify thousands of hbm.xml file by replacing the text generate="always" to generate="never". Please tell me the easiest way.

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Click on the "Search" button, set the filename to hbm.xml, set the text to generate="always" and click on the "Replace" button at the bottom. When it's search for all matches, it'll offer you another dialog to say what to replace it with.

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It seems to me that this feature was removed in newer Eclipse versions. –  palacsint May 27 at 13:33
@palacsint: I'm pretty sure it hasn't... –  Jon Skeet May 27 at 15:10
You're right, I missed the button at the bottom, thanks! –  palacsint May 27 at 15:14

The eclipse search dialogs offer a global find and replace in text files.

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