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I'm using java logging to write log messages of my application to a log file and other destinations. Having set the log level to FINE, I also get (unwanted) messages from AWT/Swing, such as:

{0}, when grabbed {1}, contains {2}

and others. Looking at the JDK source code (see e.g. here), one sees that the name of the corresponding logger is sun.awt.X11.grab.XWindowPeer.

What I understood from the Java logging framework is that this logging handler should inherit its loglevel from its parents like sun.awt.

I tried the following:


but the AWT/Swing debug messages still appear in the log output.

What's the recommended way of programmatically disabling these log messages (while still allowing FINE messages from other sources) ?

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Please update your question to show how you are obtaining your logger instance and how you are calling it. –  Devon_C_Miller May 17 '11 at 16:46

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I could not find the getRootLogger() method in the Logger class any more. This is what works for me:

logger = Logger.getLogger("my.package");
Logger l = logger;
while (l != null) {
    l = l.getParent();
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If you just want to log the messages of your own application, you can disable all messages and then explicitly enable messages for your application:


Inside the properties-file for logging (e.g. logging.properties) this would be:

.level = OFF
package.of.your.application.level = ALL
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I had the same problem today. Searching on google this is the top url and I don't find a good source to a answer, so I will post mine :)

Assuming that Andre use the java.util.logging API, it's possible to add a Handler that will control the format of your log, using setFormatter(Formatter newFormatter).

So I extended Formatter and checked if the class of the log contains java.awt, javax.swing or sun.awt.

class MyFormatLog extends Formatter {

    public String format(LogRecord record) {
        if( !record.getSourceClassName().contains("java.awt") &&
        !record.getSourceClassName().contains("javax.swing.") &&
        !record.getSourceClassName().contains("sun.awt.") ) {
          //format my output...
        } else {
          return "";

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Try Logger.getRootLogger().setLevel(Level.OFF);

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