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The problem statement is Create a named route. It should generate a path like '/zombies/:name' where :name is a parameter, and points to the index action in ZombiesController. Name the route 'graveyard'

the resources are Resources

id  name    graveyard
1   Ash     Glen Haven Memorial Cemetary
2   Bob     Chapel Hill Cemetary
3   Jim     My Fathers Basement

my solution is

TwitterForZombies::Application.routes.draw do
  match ':name' => 'Zombies#index', :as => 'graveyard'

i also tried

TwitterForZombies::Application.routes.draw do
      match ':name' => 'Zombie#index', :as => 'graveyard'

the error that i get in both cases is

Sorry, Try Again
Did not route to ZombiesController index action with :name parameter

What am i doing wrong??

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Try this:

match '/zombies/:name',:to=> 'zombies#index', :as => 'graveyard'

RailsForZombies::Application.routes.draw do
    resources :zombie
    match '/zombies/:name',:to=> 'Zombies#index', :as => 'graveyard'
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Thanks, I should've read the question more carefully. –  nikhil May 17 '11 at 16:53

Try this

match '/zombies/:name' => 'zombies#index', :as => 'graveyard'
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Rails for Zombies has been updated for Rails 4. The match method has been deprecated. Rails now requires specifying which HTTP verb (such as get) to respond to. For the updated Level 5 Challenge 5 of Rails for Zombies, this is one possible solution:

TwitterForZombies::Application.routes.draw do
  get '/zombies/:name', to: 'zombies#index', :as => 'graveyard'
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Thanks for the update. –  nikhil Feb 23 at 19:49

this work for me

RailsForZombies::Application.routes.draw do
  match 'zombies/:name' => 'Zombies#index' , :as => "graveyard"
  #match ':name' => 'Zombie#index', :as => 'graveyard'
  #match 'zombies/:name',:to=> 'zombies#index', :as => 'graveyard'
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