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I am fairly new to the network programming world, and have a few questions specifically for TCP transmission.

My first question is that, given TCP guarantees delivery, does it perserve the order of the message sending on the recipient side. For example, if A sends a message 'b' after sending message 'a' to recipient B, does 'a' ALWAYS arrive at B before 'b' does?

My second question is that how much delay I should expect for TCP transmission over an LAN (consisting of less than 30 machines and very little outgoing traffic to Internet)? And if such delay happens, what are the common way to deal with it?

My last question is that how likely it is for a TCP connection to be lost over a period of 30 seconds during which there is no message sent across. Do I have to periodically send some empty message in order to keep the connection alive.

Any comment or suggestion would be very welcome. Thanks.


Regarding question 2, for a delay more than 1 second (anything less than 1 second is acceptable in my situation), is it a good practice to ask the sender to resend the message in the hope that the second copy of the message will arrive before the original message?

Regarding question 3, what exactly is the policy for TCP to consider a connection to be closed after a period of inactivity? If such period is definitely more than 30 seconds then I guess it's not a concern for me here.

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your first question will be addressed by any half decent TCP intro you'll find with google (including wikipedia). The other ones completely depend on the exact network configuration you're working in - so they're not answerable. None of them are about programming => vote to close. –  Mat May 17 '11 at 11:01
You can never guarantee delivery because someone may unplug your Ethernet cable –  Matt Wilko May 17 '11 at 11:25
@Mat: appreciate your comment, as I said in the beginning, I am fairly new to the network side, and still learning some basics. In terms of the network configuration, all I know is I have a small LAN (of less than 30 machines connected), and the network is relatively isolated from the Internet. I'd expect the traffic on this network is light given that it is dedicated for internal use only, i.e. those 20-30 machines. Thanks. –  skyork May 17 '11 at 11:36

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To your first question: no, this is not guaranteed in any way. If it is one message that is fragmented, then the full message will be in the correct order however. A normal delay for a situation like that would be less than 3 milliseconds. The likelihood of your last question depends on the quality of the cables/hubs/switches, but usually half a minute should not pose a problem at all.

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