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I'm trying to check if a couple of views exist by using paths. But the views cannot be found even if they do exist.

private string SelectFirstView(ControllerContext ctx, params string[] viewNames)
    return viewNames.First(view => ViewExists(ctx, view));

private bool ViewExists(ControllerContext ctx, string name)
    var result = ViewEngines.Engines.FindView(ctx, name, null);
    return result.View != null;

And how I try to find the views:

var viewName = SelectFirstView(ctx, statusCodeName,
                               "~/Error/" + statusCodeName,

Note that "~/Shared/Error" and "Error" is the same view, but only the latter is found.

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When you are working with paths you need to specify the extension as well:


When you don't specify a path you don't need the extension as in this case the view engine follows standard conventions to discover the views.

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