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I am a newbie for Qt. I am using Qt4.7 with linux os. My application is compiled to embedded mipsel device.

In my application, there is a QWidget containing two pushbuttons and a QLineEdit. Initially QLineEdit is hidden.

My requirement is: When I press a key in my application's keypad, QlineEdit should be shown and get entered by that key. After that it should take all the key inputs. At the same time it does not show cursor blink.

However, my application cannot show the QlineEdit when the key is pressed.

Also after entering keys, if I click outside of the QLineEdit box, it remains visible. But now also I cannot enter the keys in QLineEdit, i.e., after entering keys, I have to click in the outside of the QlineEdit to show the entered keys in QLineEdit.

I have tried with:


I have a keyPressEvent(); function. In that I try to show QlineEdit when the key is pressed. But there is no improvement. Still I cannot able to solve this problem.

Can anybody give valuable advice about this problem?

If you have any idea, please share with me.

Thanks in advance.

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I'm really not sure what is being asked here, either what you want to do or what is not working. –  Caleb Huitt - cjhuitt May 17 '11 at 16:58

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Is your keyPressEvent on the containing QWidget? If so, I guess it might be eating all the key-presses before it gets to the QLineEdit

If this is the case, you could maybe use the QWidget.keyPressEvent to simply focus the QLineEdit if it is defocused. In psuedocode:

class MyContainer(QWidget):
    def keyPressEvent(event):
        if my_qlineedit.isFocused():
            # Do nothing, call default implementation, allowing
            # key-presses to be passed to QLineEdit normally

            # Show QLineEdit (for first keystroke)

            # Set focus for future key strokes to be sent directly to the QLineEdit

            # Send this key-event to avoid missing a key
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