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I'll make a simple app with these features;

In main windows there will be a menu.

Menu Item 1
Menu Item 2
Menu Item 3

When user click Menu Item 1

a new menu based view should appear, however when user clicked menu item 2, a text based view should appear.

I made a navigation based app, but i couldn't connect different view file for each cell.

How can i do this ? Have you got any example ?

My app:

Menu Item 1
- Menu Item 1.1
- Text
- Menu Item 1.2
- Menu Item 1.2.1
- Text
- Menu Item 1.2.2
- Text
Menu Item 2
- Text


(probably i will use sqlite for context of menu and texts.)

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Please ask a concrete question –  Warren Burton May 17 '11 at 11:56

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