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Im trying to build a full screen web application I really like what MobileMe has done where the whole screen is taken up so it resembles a native desktop application.

I'm looking for tutorials on the topic of designing web apps. I cant seem to find anything on the interwebs.

These are the sorts of things im trying to design:

BUT - Its not a very complex app, so I don't really want to use any sort of js framework. All I want to create is the html / css and minimal javascript. Unless there is a framework thats small and nimble, I'm open to suggestions

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I recommend looking at the tutorial 100% Height Layout using CSS which goes into detail in at least how the full height will work. From there you can decide how to layout horizontally.

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Thanks, I found this earlier today, I must have skimmed over it. – Josh Crowder May 17 '11 at 16:21

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