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I'm creating a php site where a company will upload a lot of images. I'd like one folder to contain upto 500-1000 files and PHP automatically creates a new one if previous contains more that 1000 files.

For example, px300 has folder dir1 which stores 500 files, then a new one dir2 will be created.

Are there any existed a solutions?

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This task is simple enough not to require an existing solution. You can make use of scandir to count the number of files in a directory, and then mkdir to make a directory.

// Make sure we don't count . and .. as proper directories
if (count(scandir("dir")) - 2 > 1000) {
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A common approach is to create one-letter directories based on the file name. This works particularly well if you assign random names to files (and random names are good to avoid name conflicts in user uploads):

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In this way:

if ($h = opendir('/dir')) {
    $files = 0;
    while (false !== ($file = readdir($h))) {
    if($files > 1000){
    //create dir
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You could use the glob function. It will return an array matching your pattern, which you could count for the amount of files.

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