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I want to show items in my website sorted by its rating. I don't want to show highest rated items by the average of rating. Could anyone suggest some formula to define highest rated item.

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More information imperative .. –  mihsathe May 17 '11 at 12:10
What language, do you have a database what kind etc please provide more information –  mcgrailm May 17 '11 at 12:13

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You could weight each item's average rating by the number of people who have entered in a rating. This would ensure items with both high number of rating and high average rating would float to the top instead of just items with a singular rating.

projectedRating = item.AverageRating * item.Ratings.Count

Additionally, you could consider normalizing this so it only makes a difference between say 1 and 100 rating applied.

projectedRating = item.AverageRating * Max(item.Ratings.Count, 100)

This way run away votes on an item, even with a low average rating, wouldn't end up on the top all the time.

Outside of that, I think you'll need to provide more information on what basis you'd like to indicate an item is a top item. Total views on it, marking it as most popular, could be an option as well.

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Your definition of the score for an item is likely to be a function of:

  • Average rating
  • Highest rating, lowest rating
  • Number of rates
  • A time weighting
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