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I have a problem my script. It purpose is to display some values in fields depending on value from dropdown select. When I fire other scripts that are adding or removing new rows into the form with the same fields, but different row id it stops working for the newly added rows.

<?php echo 'var lista = '.form_dropdown('produkt[]',$lista).';'?>
$(document).ready(function() {
    $('select[name="produkt[]"]').change(function() {
        var id = $('select[name="produkt[]"] option:selected').val();
        var par = $(this).closest('tr').attr('id');
            '<?php echo $head['site_link'];?>index.php/faktura/pobierzProdukt/'+id,
                var id = $('#'+par);

    $('#dodajWiersz').click(function() {
        var liczba = $('#produkty tr').length;
        var inputArray = [
            '<input type="text" name="pkwiu[]" class="short" readonly="readonly"/>',
            '<input type="text" name="netto[]" class="short" readonly="readonly"/>',
            '<input type="text" name="vat[]" class="mini" readonly="readonly"/>',
            '<input type="text" name="brutto[]" class="short" readonly="readonly"/>',
            '<input type="text" name="jedn[]" class="mini" readonly="readonly"/>',
            '<input type="text" name="ilosc[]" class="short"/>',
            '<input type="text" name="knetto[]" class="short" readonly="readonly"/>',
            '<input type="text" name="kvat[]" class="short" readonly="readonly"/>',
            '<input type="text" name="kbrutto[]" class="short" readonly="readonly"/>'
        var tdString = '<td>'+inputArray.join('</td><td>')+'</td>';
        if($('#produkty tbody tr').length>0) {
            var row = '<tr id="wiersz-'+liczba+'">'+tdString+'</tr>';
            $('#produkty tr:last td:first-child').text(liczba);
        else {
            var row = '<tr id="wiersz-1">'+tdString+'</tr>';

    $('#usunWiersz').click(function() {
       $('#produkty').find('tbody tr:last').remove(); 

I think the problem is with $(document).ready() function. But I can't solve it.

UPDATE: It seems that DOM is not updated. I can see the new HTML structure in Firebug but in the source view is the old structure. I think it matters.

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$(this).closest('tr').attr('id') you might always have the same id


var row = ''+tdString+'';

you are always appending the same id.

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var row works correctly, but maybe you're right about $(this).closest()..... I'll check it out. UPDATE: it works correctly too –  sunpietro May 18 '11 at 5:16
I changed the code a little. I replaced change() and click() functions with live() ones. It seems to work a little, but I can't make it work for all rows except the first one. Other rows get values from the first row's select menu. –  sunpietro May 18 '11 at 5:52
problem is with URL which doesn't change. How can I make it null when getJSON returns data? –  sunpietro May 18 '11 at 6:12

the answer is to change: var id = $('select[name="produkt[]"] option:selected').val(); into var id = $(this).val(); It seemed to be a problem with option:selected.

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