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Question for you all, I've been charged with developing an application to view data about a testing cycle we do for environmental screening, products are placed in an environmental control, freezing and heating the product while a variety of self-tests are run. My manager would like to see a graph of temperature over time as an x/y graph, but he'd also like to have an indicator for where the test is currently at that has a small box, giving additional info, (test status, current test, running time etc.)

So what I'm thinking is I need to make a custom control that is capable of displaying this scatter graph and can also contain another content control for my additional info box, what base control should I use as a foundation, what should I look at for drawing my graph, and how can I do my layout for this? I'm assuming the use of a canvas control is my best bet for layout, and DrawingGroups with PathFigures for the graph... anyone capable of giving me more guidance?

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VisiFire maybe it's your choice.

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maybe you should check out Sacha Barber's WPF Graph Control. This may be a good starting point

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I actually did look at that, but it seemed to be far too restrictive of a design for me, but maybe i'm just not thinking far enough past the surface. –  Firoso Mar 2 '09 at 17:04

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