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I am trying to customize the look of browse file control and replace it to simple " add files" button. I have added the following markup. It works well however with "div" its block level element and i need to specify the width for div to restrict its width.

I have tried to change div to span. UI looks good however the overflow:hidden thing is not working correctly making the hidden(with opacity:0) area of upload control to be clickable.

Can someone let me know why is this behavior? Is there a way to fix it? I would prefer "div" be replace with "a" instead of "span". Will it be ok? or click events will cause any issue for handling event?

                border:2px solid black;

        <div class="add-files">
            Add Files
            <input type="file" multiple="true" class="file-control">
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Any specific browser that you are targeting ?. It seems to be working on Firefox 3.x. You can view it here –  Aditya Manohar May 17 '11 at 14:49

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I think you'll have issues styling input type file because browsers handle the input type differently. Unlike the regular input, different browsers add different things. You might need to use a different method for adding files.

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