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Does the iPhone sdk support l2cap bluetooth sockets? Any additional information about SDK classes, etc would be greatly appreciated.

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back to the stone age. both iOS and Android have issues in providing something so basic such as complete bluetooth functionality. – radhoo Jul 13 '12 at 16:44
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No. There are no direct support for Bluetooth APIs in the SDk, REfer the game kit programming APIs for application development with Bluetooth for peer-to-peer gaming

Other than than you will have to join the Made for iPod/iPhone/iPad program to get access and develop bluetooth connected accessories

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Bad news from MFI FAQ (2014):

Q: I want to develop an accessory that communicates with an Apple device using only Bluetooth Low Energy. Do I need to join the MFi Program?

A: No. Accessories which connect to an Apple device using only Bluetooth Low Energy/BTLE/Bluetooth 4.0 or standard Bluetooth profiles supported by iOS are not part of the MFi Program.

I'm developing an app to connect with a L2CAP device on Android, now I'm studying porting on IOS but I found this issue.

For enabling a device to talk by Bluetooth, it must integrate the Apple authentication chip into device and must be able to connect with built-in Apple's Bonjour discovery service.

No L2CAP for any device... Sorry!

Website: https://mfi.apple.com Source: https://mfi.apple.com/MFiWeb/getFAQ.action#4-2

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