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I don't know why this is so hard for me to find, but I simply can't find any documentation on this. I just want to be sure I include support for all audio file types that taglib-sharp can work with and exclude all others.

All I've been able to find is a link to the source code and I really don't want to dig through it for such a simple question. Thanks.

By the way, where is the "official" website?

EDIT: After a little more research, it looks like the best answer I can find is in the file class documentation here:

I was really looking for a list of supported audio file extensions, but this pretty much gives me what I need.

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You can get the exact list of mime-types and extensions by searching the code for the following string: SupportedMimeType

You'll see the following for Mpeg.AudioFile. The first parameter is the mime-type, and the second, if set, is the extension.

[SupportedMimeType("taglib/mp3", "mp3")]
[SupportedMimeType("taglib/m2a", "m2a")]
[SupportedMimeType("taglib/mp2", "mp2")]
[SupportedMimeType("taglib/mp1", "mp1")]
public class AudioFile : TagLib.NonContainer.File
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