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I'm having a problem with one of my gems and I need to test my code with a rails app, I usually do this by adding a symlink in vendor/plugins but I think what I want to do needs it to be required as a gem not a plugin.

I've used bundler in the gem so I can build it with rake build, or install it using rake install, I've done a rake install and I get a lovely green text message saying that my gem has been installed. So I swapped over to my Rails app and added gem 'gemname', '1.0.0pre' to my Gemfile (matching the version I just installed) and ran a bundle install and it just hangs and then throws up and error saying it cant find the gem in any of my sources.

I've already run through making sure that I was using the right rvm ruby when installing the gem etc... and I'm at a loss as to why this wont work. Bundler normally has no problems with gems I already have installed.

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Bundler only knows about gems from sources specified in the Gemfile.

Put your gem in vendor/gems and then specify the location in your Gemfile like this:

gem "yourgem", :path => "vendor/yourgem"

Your gem must have a yourgem.gemspec or bundler still won't find it.

Alternatively, you can reference a git project. e.g.

gem "rails", :git => "git://"

Then run bundle install.

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