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.net 4.0, ASP.net, vb.net.

I've got a usercontrol that is using an obout combo box. The obout is a cascading combobox that has 3 levels to it. when something it selected from the third level of the combobox, it is suppose to fire off a selectedIndexChanged event. This happens the first time that I select the usercontrol. The problem is if i want to go back and select something different. The selectedIndexChanged doesn't fire. I've set breakpoints and the

AddHandler ComboBox3.SelectedIndexChanged, AddressOf ComboBox3_SelectedIndexChanged

runs just like it did the first time i select the usercontrol. But the selectedIndex just doesn't fire the second go around. Was wondering what i'm doing wrong.

Here is the selectedIndexChanged that is not firing

Sub ComboBox3_SelectedIndexChanged(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As ComboBoxItemEventArgs)
    Dim Oc As New Dempsey.ClassIndex_Controller
    Dim O As New Dempsey.ClassIndex
    oClassIndexs = Oc.GetClassIndexData(CInt(ComboBox1.SelectedValue))
    For Each O In oClassIndexs
    ClassSearchResults = o
    RaiseEvent myClassificationSearch(oClassIndexs, e)
End Sub

I'll add whatever other code you might want to see... but didn't want to make the post too long.

thanks shannon

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ some more info.. as mentioned above, this is a cascading combobox. So combobox1 has values of say 1,2,3, Combobox 2 gets it's data filtered depending on what you select on combobox1.

Well.. i've noticed that if i select 1 in combobox 1 the first time through, things work as expected. If on the second round i select something other than 1 in combobox1, the event fires. However, if i select 1 in combobox 1 on the second round through, the event does not fire.

This is not the way i need it to work because it could be that the second time through, i need to select the same value in combobox1 but a different value in combobox2. Any idea what i can do to get around this... since it would appear that it's working the way it should.

i mention it above.. but i'm using an Obout combox control thanks

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I doubt, when your dropdown selection changed, your dropdown again binded somewhere, perhaps in the page load event and it lost the chance for the SelectedIndex Changed event to be fired.

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ok.. not real sure about that. The addhandler is added in a pageload event in the usercontrol. when i step through the code i've placed a breakpoint at the addhandler. it is getting fired on the second pass through the usercontrol. do you have any other ideas or maybe i'm not understanding you correctly – jvcoach23 May 17 '11 at 14:34

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